By Natasha Rusch and Payal Arora

Key Takeaways

  • We face an uphill battle against the illicit wildlife poaching industry given its estimated value of US$7–23 billion. It remains an attractive market as it is regarded as a high-profit, low-risk business. …

Welcome to issue 9 of ChinaIndia Networked.

Tech is an ambient part of life in the COVID-19 “new normal”. A couple of weeks ago I received a text on my phone from my network provider informing me of a new service:
“text ‘cxmyd’ to 10086 to receive my location report for…

In 2018 Xiamen and Fuzhou, two cities in Fujian province, a region on the coast in the southeast most famous for its historic trader links and global diaspora population, became one of just a handful of cities in China with their own city-level personal credit scores (个人信用评分). These are algorithmically…

Dev Lewis

Dev is a Fellow at Digital Asia Hub and Yenching Scholar at Peking University, currently conducting research on the use of tech in the Social Credit System.

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